Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leaving a Legacy Designs is having a SALE!

Here is Kimberly's story on why 27%!  It's kind of cute, so read on.

My hubby and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage on July 27!  You may be asking why a sale now?  Well, we are ditching the kids (yes we have someone watching them) and taking a 2 week vacation!!  Now you are asking why 27, not 10 or something else?  Let me tell you a little about US!
We met our junior year of high school almost 17 years ago!  Our story of the number 27 begins here…
Started dating Feb 27
The phone number where we met had a 27 in it
His zip code ended in 27
His social security number has a 27 in it
We lived in a small town and had to go out of town for dinner, our exit was 127
We visited with friends at the lake and the golf cart we used…you guessed it 27!
Got married July 27
My labor and delivery room with baby 2 was #27!
We notice 27 EVERYWHERE we go!  It has become a “lucky” number for us over the years.  Our family will even point out 27′s when they see them.  So how could I NOT use 27 for a sale?  Now help me celebrate by filling up your cart and saving 27% off!

So anyway, stop by her store a pick up a few goodies!  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Never Fear, Super Dad's Here

Do you have an amazing Dad, Husband or Grandfather? *I have the perfect kit for you! *Leaving a Legacy Designs has a new kit out: Never Fear, Super Dad's Here. *This kit is huge with over 70 elements, over 30 papers and an upper case alpha with numbers and a lot of symbols! *You can also grab a set of Father's Day cards or Quickpages. *Be sure to stop by her Facebook page today to pick up a fun bragbook set as well. *

Now how about a look at this amazing kit!

Do you need a fun Father's Day card for Dad? *Here are a set that would be perfect for Father's Day or to print off and hide in his car, in his wallet, mail to him at work...doesn't have to be Father's day to tell him he is Da' Bomb!

Brag Book pages can be found as a freebie on the Leaving a Legacy Designs Facebook page

Here are a couple of layout I did using this kit.  One you may have seen before.  I did this one using a sketch by Jayne Jones.
 And this one, I used a sketch by Double Trouble Scraps, called Double Up.
I even created a freebie for you.  You can click on the image to download.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sketchapalooza Class

Here are some layouts I've done for the classes I'm taking at Feeling Scrappy.  I love the way they are turning out.  This is their 7th class, and I think I've only missed one and I was so upset that I missed it.

This first one uses Never Fear, Super Dad's Here by Leaving a Legacy, and the sketch is by Jayne Jones.

 This one is a picture of my great-great grandparents.  I used Lunar Eclipse by Scrapteam2008, and the sketch is by Tracy Kosofsky.

 This one is a two page spread and I used That's My Boy by Connie Prince and is a sketch by Jayne Jones. 

Hope you enjoy looking.  And check them out, maybe you can get involved in the next Sketch class!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

STS Feature Designer

Leaving a Legacy Designs is the featured designer at Stuff to Scrap: June 8-15! Come join in the fun this week with a scavenger hunt through her store, a speed scrap, a featured designer chat (there will be prizes!) and a chance to win a fun mini kit!

Participate in the Featured Designer Challenge to win this fun lil' mini!

Here's the layout I did using this fun kit.  I used a sketch by Jayne Jones for it.

Random Layouts

Just wanted to share some layouts I've done lately.  Hope you like them.

This one was done for the Sketchpalooza class.  I used Citrus Zing by A Work in Progress.  Sketch is by Stacy Curry.
 This is one that Jesse did using Connie Prince's kit, Life is a Beautiful Thing.

 Here is another one I did for a speed scrap (can you tell I love them!)  I used What a Wonderful World by Connie Prince.

I did this one last night for a speed scrap.  I used Connie Prince's kit Sweet as Can Be.

I did this one for a speed scrap.  I used Sparkly Creatures by Adriana's Cafe.

I did this one tonight for a speed scrap.  I used Eat, Sleep, Work, Play by Designing Divas.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Turtle Love

Turtle Love started off as a Round One Entry in the Designer Darling Competition for Leaving a Legacy Designs. She has added a lot more elements, papers and a lower case alpha. Before I show you the full kit let me show you what I did with this kit Turtle Love!

Here's the kit. The previews are linked to her store.
If you are short on time grab the quickpages to get a lot of scrapping done quickly!

And before I forget, I have a freebie for you. Click on the preview to download: