Hey everyone, you've all see this before right, but with different designer names, dates and times....

Well, now it's your turn to design our next Speed Scrap template to be used for the entire 2011 year.

Simply create any shape Speed Scrap template (square, rectangle, circle, etc.) that has room for the designers to add their Designer Name, along with the speed scrap Date and Time.

Make sure it includes the following words: Speed Scrap, Stuff To Scrap, 7 Instructions in 60 Minutes, and 1 Great or Fabulous Layout.

Template MUST be created with any current STS Designer's kit.

Once you have your Speed Scrap template created, upload it to your gallery, linking it to the designers gallery and then post it back here for us to all see.

The most important part, make sure you send over your template to stufftoscrap.com@gmail.com with SS Template Contest in the subject line.

The winner will be annouced at the end of December.

You may submit up to 3 templates. All templates are due by December 18th.

The Speed Scrap template winner will receive a $20.00 gift card to Stuff To Scrap.

Can't wait to see the template you come up with.